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Google Hangouts so we can text!

International visitors should definitely add me to your Google Hangouts contacts. That’s the easiest way for us to “text.” Here’s how to add me:

Contacts Google Hangouts

Sim cards

International visitors —

  1. Before you arrive, check with your service provider to see if a) your provider has any partnership arrangements with U.S. carriers so you can just continue with a partner carrier and b) confirm that your phone is unlocked.
  2. After you arrive, for the best prices, head to the AT&T Harbor East store at 1001 Fleet St. (link, map), telephone 410-782-7680. They have monthly plans for voice, SMS and data from about $35 to $50 and include your needed SIM cards for free.

The ‘Magic Phrase’

If you’ve read this far, please email me the Magic Phrase “Rise and Conquer”!

And if you are coming with a spouse, partner or friend, please have them read the manual as well!  Merci mille fois.

The Baltimore Ravens mascots.
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