House Rules / Welcome Manual

Olivia welcomes guests.
Olivia welcomes guests.

for the Vivaldi Suite, The Shire, The Oasis (“Relocating to Baltimore”), The Lukis Lounge, The Mozart Suite

I’m happy you’ll be staying with me! Hope you find your room comfortable and peaceful. Please let me know any suggestions you have to improve your room.

House Rules

Unable to host smokers or those who have cat allergies. The homeowner has asthma and smoke sensitivities. Smokers who book anyway without disclosing that they smoke will not be admitted and will not receive a refund.

Your cooperation is appreciated on the following:

• Guests named and registered in the original reservation are permitted to enter the building. Anyone else needs to wait outside for you. This includes parents, siblings, children, conference colleagues, etc. This is important both for insurance purposes and to respect the privacy of my home. Thanks in advance.
• Please arrive free of perfume and fragrances. These trigger my asthma and that of other guests.
• Unable to host animals in this shared-space listing due to safety issues and allergies. Use the “pets allowed” filter on your AirBNB search to find pet-friendly listings.
• If you expect to have mail, please see the mail and packages section on how to where to send it. The Charm City Homestay address only accepts mail and packages for the homeowner.
• You can use the microwave to warm food. Microwave, dining room and laundry room hours are 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. firm, as noise travels directly above to the homeowner’s bedroom. The stove and oven are reserved for the homeowner.
• Please eat, snack and enjoy coffee, tea and other beverages in the dining room. This keeps our rooms free of roaches and clean.

Significant violations of house rules will result in immediate termination of the reservation, and the forfeiture of all fees paid for the reservation.

Luggage Limits and Charges

  • A maximum of three items of luggage, such as suitcases, backpacks or spinners, are permitted.
  • If you have a car full of belongings, see your paid storage options by scrolling here: “By Car: Storage Options.”
  • You may leave luggage early (before 4 p.m.) for $15 and leave it on the day of your departure (after 11 a.m.) for $7. This charge is waived for stays of five days or more.

If you prefer, you can instead store bags at Penn Station for $4 per bag per day if you hold a ticket for train travel.

Or leave baggage in the coat check rooms during opening hours at either the the Walters Art Museum or the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The Basics


Log-in information available after you read this manual! Please send me the magic phase via our AirBNB correspondence and I will send you the WiFi access info ☺

How the Lock Works

View this movie to learn how to enter the house.

I’ll give you a 4-digit code that will unlock the door without a key. Enter this code, but do not press the LOCK icon. (That just relocks the unit.) The deadbolt will retract (give it a second or two).

When you get inside, turn the deadbolt counterclockwise. When you leave, hit the button with the “Lock” icon (but don’t key in any numbers!).

Checkin is after 4 p.m.

4 p.m. or later. Please advise me of your estimated time immediately on booking or by 48 hours before arrival.

Early checkin-$15

Early check-ins (between noon and 4 p.m.) may be available for $15 — please ask though. Please be advised that the previous guest has the room until 11 a.m., and  cleaning takes until noon.

Super early checkin-$15

Super early check-ins (between 7 a.m. and noon) may be available in the Lukis Lounge, again for $15 — please ask though. These allow you to crash on a sofa in the living room, made up with a pillow and linens, until your room is ready at noon. This is perfect if you are arriving on a red-eye flight.

Checkout-by 11 a.m. at latest

11 a.m. *firm.* You will need to be up, packed and out of the house — not just the room! — by this time. If you are late, the departure fee is $25.11am_clock

Wet Shoes

Leave wet or dirty shoes to dry out on the mat near the front door, and scrape shoes on the doormat coming in unless sidewalks are fully dry.

Parking/Public Transportation/Getting Here

Please see Getting Here for important tips and tricks to getting here, by car, air, train, bus and Uber/Lyft, as well as WHERE TO PARK!

Mail & Packages

The address of Charm City Homestay is reserved for the private use of the homeowner. Visitors should avoid entering it into any shopping cart, work forms asking for your address or anywhere other than on your embarkation form. Packages or mail sent here will be returned to the shipping agent.

You can send parcels from Amazon to the nearest Amazon Locker called “Harboreast” at Whole Foods, 1001 Fleet St.

You may send any other packages, for $10 for a package under 10 pounds, $15 for a heavier package, to:

(Your Name)

c/o Ann’s Store

140 S. Ann St.

Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: 443 909 8361

Proprietors: Katchi Asharraf and Mac Rimzan. This store is just cattycorner to my home.

If you need to enter an address on a work form, please use the Baltimore Main Post Office:

(Your Name)

c/o General Delivery

USPS Baltimore Main Post Office

900 E. Fayette St., Room 118

Baltimore, MD 21233-9715

Phone: 410 909 8361


  • Copper, a sheltie puppy from an Idaho ranch, very friendly.
  • Olivia, trim and athletic grey tabby cat, very sweet.
  • Olive, chubby grey tabby, lots of personality.



TamponsThe attachment on the right side of the toilet is a bidet, which can be used for personal hygiene, you then pat yourself dry with toilet paper.

Please put tampons into the provided plastic bag and into the trash basket. Avoid flushing down the toilet, as they can block the plumbing.

Coffee and Tea

KeurigI don’t offer breakfast per se, but you can help yourself to coffee K cups to the left of the refrigerator, where there are also tea bags.

We are surrounded by excellent cafes and brunch places, some of Baltimore’s best. See map for breakfast places.


You can keep your own food on the 2nd shelf in the fridge.

Travel Insurance

Airbnb and I as a host recommend that you have traveler’s insurance. All claims for any travel related losses including cancellation fees should be made with your traveler’s insurance underwriter. You may be covered for this automatically by your credit card — check your travel benefits online. A useful article: 

Compare credit cards’ trip cancellation, trip interruption policies

Google Hangouts so we can text!

International visitors should definitely add me to your Google Hangouts contacts. That’s the easiest way for us to “text.” Here’s how to add me:

Contacts Google Hangouts

SIM Cards

International visitors —

  1. Before you arrive, check with your service provider to see if a) your provider has any partnership arrangements with U.S. carriers so you can just continue with a partner carrier and b) confirm that your phone is unlocked.
  2. After you arrive, for the best prices, head to the AT&T Harbor East store at 1001 Fleet St. (link, map), telephone 410-782-7680. They have monthly plans for voice, SMS and data from about $35 to $50 and include your needed SIM cards for free.

The Magic Phrase

If you’ve read this far, please email me the magic phrase “Rise and Conquer” via our AirBNB conversation!

And if you are coming with a spouse, partner or friend, please have them read the manual as well!  Merci mille fois.