Getting Here

My photo of Upper Fells Point

Information on how to get to Upper Fells Point by public transportation and by car. You can use this Google map to plot your way either by road or public transportation:

Public Transportation

Affordability awaits you at the crossroads of Fells Point, Hopkins, Downtown and Patterson Park — with free Charm City Circulator, the Metro SubwayLight Rail, and paid bus routes, as well as an Enterprise nearby at 1307 Eastern Ave. Fells Point and numerous Zipcar sharing locations.

To/From BWI

Uber and Lyft

If you have a smartphone and would rather take an Uber or Lyft taxi from either BWI or from Baltimore and Eutaw, you can get a first free ride free or reduced price by following these links:

And you can estimate your fare in the Baltimore area here; it should be around $16 to $21 from the airport to the house, unless there is surge pricing. This link shows how to get an Uber driver at any of the three Baltimore-Washington airports. You can also take Lyft. Get your luggage and then go out of the terminal just to the immediate sidewalk where buses, taxis are cruising, to order your Uber or Lyft. As you order, you will provide the driver with the number on the overhead sign to indicate what pickup area you are at, just outside Arrivals. You will receive the driver’s phone number and vehicle description to complete your pickup.

Uber and Lyft are highly advised if you have a late arrival at BWI.

Important: Set up your Uber and Lyft applications before arriving! While you are home, it will be easier to enter your credit card information and do any confirmations at a desktop if you at first hit a snag on the phone.

Super Shuttle

At $24 for a shared ride on the Super Shuttle and often a long, circuitous journey into East Baltimore, you might want to try Uber/Lyft instead, but you can take the shuttle if you prefer.

Light Rail

You can take Light Rail to and from BWI Airport if you want to save money. Before boarding, get a day pass, $4, at the kiosk within the BWI terminal just inside from the train. It takes credit cards. Show your ticket to the Light Rail conductor if asked and to the bus driver.

Here is a map, customize it to your airport time of arrival by clicking “More options”

Marc Penn Line

You can also take the MARC Penn Line if you prefer from Penn Station to the BWI stop.

To/From Dulles

  • WE RECOMMEND: A Dollar a Mile Transportation. Special low rates from Dulles, National and BWI airports. Door to door service and major credit cards welcome; also serving Frederick and Annapolis. Arrange the pickup in advance of your leaving your departure point. This is your best deal; contact them at (301) 582-8031 or email In your email, include:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Pick up date & time
    • Number of people traveling
  • You can rent a car from Enterprise, picking it up at “Airport: IAD” (Dulles) and drop it off at their Fells Point location, which even with the $75 dropoff fee can be worth it.
  • Uber/Washington estimates a ride at $78-103, probably depending on traffic. If you haven’t ridden Uber before and have a smartphone, use this link to get $20 off your first ride. I would recommend you install the app and then add your payment information before you leave home, and there may also be a step where you confirm a text. Uber is completely cashless, so that is why you enter your card. When you call for a cab at the airport, the driver will want to know which claim carousel you are at, and will give you instructions I believe to the effect that he/she is waiting outside and one or two lanes over.
  • You could also take a Go shuttle to BWI for $59 and then Uber is maybe $18 or so more to get to my door.
  • Go Airport Shuttle is $103 door to door according to a dummy set of fields I filled out, from IAD to Baltimore-Fells Point.

To/From Penn Station

Recommend Uber and Lyft, which should be around $6, but you can also do the Circulator Purple Line to the Orange Line, or CityLink Gold, walking north to North Avenue, taking an Eastbound bus, and getting off at Wolfe and Pratt.

From the Bus Stations

  • The Boltbus lets you off on Maryland Avenue, near Penn Station, see map below. We recommend Boltbus based on our guests’ happiness with their service.
  • Greyhound and Peter Pan come into the Downtown Baltimore station at 1110 Haines Street. Uber and Lyft are your best bet.
  • Megabus lets you off at the White Marsh Park and Ride, which is 12 miles from downtown! It’s not an easy arrival point, so you may want to use Uber or Lyft, or try the CityLink Brown bus, (1 hour, 10 minutes). Our guests’ feedback has not been positive for Megabus.

To/From Downtown

FREE: We are near stops 104 and 123 on the Green Line of the free Charm City Circulator and stop 228 on the Orange Line. These can get you downtown or midtown, and to the train station.

To get to the Baltimore Convention Center, take the Orange Line to stop 205, Howard Street.

You can track the Circulator with the NextBus site or app.

If you love to walk, you can walk the whole way to the Convention Center. I recommend the route shown below, which takes you along Eastern Avenue.

PAID: You can also take CityLink Brown or the Number 65 bus to the convention center, for $1.80 each way or $4.20 for an all-day Charm Card. Go to the northwest corner of Broadway and Lombard Streets, across from 7-Eleven, to the bus stop there. Ask the driver to let you know when you are at the Hanover Street stop. When you come back, find the nearest stop on Pratt Street (one way) to return. This Google map should help you plan your trips — just keep the icon at the top clicked on the “bus” option.

To Hampden

You can go into downtown via any of the routes noted above, or walk, and ride the Charm City Circulator’s Purple Line to stop 315 in Charles Village, and walk into Hampden. Or from downtown, take the Light Rail from Convention Center to the Woodberry stop.

To Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus or Bayview Medical Center

You can ride the free shuttles to get from JHMI to the Homewood undergrad campus or Bayview.

To Other Parts of Baltimore

Go to Google Maps and enter your starting point and your destination, and click the third icon, “Transit,” which shows a bus, to get schedule and route options.

To D.C.

The MARC commuter train is only $7 each way and now runs weekends out of Penn Station. It’s a lot cheaper than Amtrak and goes to the same destination — Union Station.

By Car

Before You Leave Home

  • It’s best to clean your car, since you won’t be able to leave anything visible in it — not even trash.
  • You’ll need to empty your car once you arrive of visible items, including devices.
  • You can keep items you don’t need (housewares) in the trunk of the car.
  • If you have a full car, you will need to arrange storage before you leave — you can only bring in max. 3 suitcases.

Storing Excess Luggage

If you have a full car, go online or call Extra Space Storage at (855) 838-1714 regarding their location at 1400 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21231 to rent a space to hold all but the maximum of 3 suitcases permitted in this accommodation.

You can book a small space for $19-24 a month.

If you need a truck, these are included free as part of storage at Canton Self-Storage.

You can store bags at Penn Station for $4 per bag per day if you hold a ticket for train travel.


Unload your luggage to put in the living room of my house by double-parking if necessary on across from the front door, in front of the fire hydrant.


We have on-street parking, unreserved, in front of our historic rowhomes.

If you have a car full of valuables needing overnight protection, you can either cover everything with a tarp, find a different location in the suburbs, or talk to the convention center for ideas of whether they have a secure parking area.

If you need protection longer than overnight, see “Storing Excess Luggage,” above.

You can find nearby parking in the middle of weekdays near the house, possibly in the 100 or 200 blocks of S. Ann St. At other times, see the map below for a suggestion on where to look. I can usually accompany you to find parking after you unload your luggage. If I’m not here, just enter 1723 E. Fairmount, Baltimore, in your GPS, and park up there, On Monday-Friday mornings, you’ll need to move your car down closer to the house before 9 a.m. to avoid a ticket.

You can also use the app Parking Panda to find a spot in one of the garages reasonably nearby, use this link to sign up and get $5 off your first parking trip of $10 or more.

Renting a Car

I highly recommend Enterprise, which has the best rates at BWI Airport in its 24-hour location as well as a Fells Point location about 10 minutes walk away.

If it helps, mention that you are staying with AirBNB host “Jeannette,” most of the staff know me.

If you want to return a car rented in Fells Point to the airport without a dropoff fee, drop off the car instead at one of the Glen Burnie locations, and Uber or Lyft to BWI. The Enterprise Plus loyalty program is also worth joining, and will speed your rental.